Did the Cycle Slam Charity need Internet Marketing?

Do Charities need Internet Marketing?

The short and simple answer: YES!

Continue reading to find out why exactly it needed internet marketing.

First of all, what is a charity?

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A quick look on the internet will tell you that a Charity is an organization that is specifically established to help raise money and help those that are in need.

Examples of charity will be: Save the Children, American Red Cross, UNICEF, etc. I am sure all these names will help you understand what a charity is.

What is the purpose of a Charity?

So, as we can see from the above definition of a Charity, it is an organization that helps others by raising money, etc. This means that it’s goal is to raise as much money as it possibly can so that it can help the cause of their choice as much as it can.

How can a Charity meet it’s goals?

The only way a charity can raise a lot of money is by spreading awareness of the good cause. The charity could be the best cause but if potential donors do not know about the charity, they will raise no money. That is why charities often have famous people attached to them to gain visibility and awareness. To raise awareness, an organization will have to come up with a marketing plan.

This is why charities often adopt both online and offline marketing efforts.

The cycle slam we were involved in managed to raise over 2 million pounds. This was all possible because people knew about the cause. Thanks to the internet marketing efforts the cycle slam raised a lot of money to help those in need. If you want to read more about different methods, be sure to read our piece on SEO and PPC.

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