PPC – Cost or Investment?

Pay Per Click

PPC is without a doubt one of the quickest ways to gain visibility for your website. PPC, short for “Pay-Per-Click” is a form of internet marketing/advertisement where a person or company (advertiser) pays a fee every time their advertisement is clicked on. A good example of this would be Google’s advertising system, Adwords. Whenever you search for something using Google’s search engine, you may have noticed that in many cases up to 4 of the top spots of the search results are sponsored results that are marked as an “Ad”. See the below screenshot for a search we made for the keyword “online advertisement” for reference.

Search Results (PPC vs Organic) Boxed

Every time somebody clicks on these results, the individual or corporation sponsoring this ad will have to pay a fee. This fee is dependent on popularity, competition, location, time, demographic, etc. of the keyword.

One of the key strengths of running a PPC campaign would be that you are able to see immediate results if done properly. Which means you have done the proper keyword research for your product and have put in bids high enough to get your ad placed highly and frequently.

PPC can be highly targeted and effective; hence this is definitely one of the recommended ways of getting traffic to a web property.

Jumping on the PPC bandwagon may be a no-brainer; however, there are big downsides to this method of online marketing as well.

  1. The moment you stop paying for this service, your online visibility will disappear if you are not ranking for relevant terms and keywords organically. Meaning sales coming from online channels might go down to zero.
  2. Beware of bots! There are plenty of studies that point out that large amount of clicks on your PPC ads are not coming from real human being. Instead, “bots” are responsible for these click. This is often referred to “Click Fraud.” In this case, your precious dollars wasted on bots which will in no way lead to meaningful traffic, sales, and leads.
  3. Majority of searchers don’t click on Ads. If you are like any of us, we usually ignore the ads at the top of search results because we want to find something that is not sponsored or “tainted”. Anyone can take these top spots if they pay to play; however, you can’t buy the top spots of organic results. These spots are given to the “chosen” websites that have a certain “quality” and “popularity”.

As long as PPC can bring you constant returns that cover its cost and leave you with some profit it makes sense to keep running that campaign; otherwise it is just a cost and should be cut.

If you need immediate results, PPC would be a good strategy to start with; however, we highly recommend that you would simultaneously invest in search engine optimization.

At first glance, PPC may seem like a very simple and easy thing to run; however, we suggest you hire a specialist to help you if you aren’t a hundred percent sure of what you are doing. PPC can be a big waste of your precious capital if done incorrectly. Hire a professional and learn what they are doing. Keep note of what keywords, locations, demographics, time-ranges, etc. they are targeting. Once you are confident that you can duplicate results, you can try it on your own.

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