How we track the Cycle Slam and our Marketing Efforts

  1. Tracking the Cycle Slam

    During the actual cycle slam, each riders‘ progress could be tracked from this page using a visual interface that connected with Garmin’s Bike tracking system. You can see the system by going here. Each bicycle was equipped with a Garmin Edge, which was connected via GPS to this tracking system. It was an excellent way for everyone related to the riders to check how they were doing. If you have donated some money to the charity (specifically for a rider) wouldn’t you be interested in knowing where he or she stands among others? It was a good interactive way to make a feeling of connection between donators and the event.

  2. Tracking our Marketing Work

    Tracking the progress of the cycle slam and its riders is one thing, but as a Marketing organization, Dallaglio Flintoff Marketers needed to track how their marketing efforts were doing. So once the website was set up, we had to track how each of our strategies and changes affected the visibility of the website from an online marketing point of view. Did the website rankings change in Google (and other search engines) when it gained links from the SEO efforts? Did our traffic increase once we started using PPC campaigns through Google? How much were these effects costing and how much were these changes worth to us? Did we need to re-evaluate some of the tactics we are using? These are all questions that we need to ask ourselves throughout the campaign to ensure we are not wasting valuable time and resources.

    How exactly do we track our progress?
    For both our PPC and SEO campaigns, our go-to tools for tracking progress are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics gives us a clear representation of how many visitors we get, how long they stay on each page they visit, how the visitor got to our web page, etc. It is an extremely powerful tool that shows you exactly where you are in terms of user interaction. Google Search Console, on the other hand, shows us if there are any technical issues with our website, what keywords it ranks for, what countries to target, etc.

    Another easy way to see our progress was the amount of donation for the charity we received. The more donations we get, the more visibility and recognition we are getting. The bottom line is if the word gets out, the more people know about our good cause, and the end result is more people donating the charity. As we have topped over 2 million pounds, I think it is safe that we have successfully marketed the Cycle Slam!