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What is Internet Marketing?

What Exactly is Internet Marketing?

Before speaking of the internet aspects of things: marketing is creating awareness, promoting, and getting as many interested parties as possible.


Internet Marketing is a sub-category under the marketing umbrella which focuses on marketing through a medium which is the Internet. The formal definition can be found here.

So, we use the internet to spread the word, promote, and create awareness of things to as many people as possible.

So, why is internet marketing important?

We believe that internet marketing will become the most important category within the field of marketing for simple reasons. The internet is spreading all over the world. More and more people are getting access to the internet, thanks to the emergence of smartphones. Unlike TV, radio, printed media, the internet is in most peoples pockets. People do not have to be in front of a TV, sitting by a radio, reading through a magazine, driving by a billboard and actually looking up at it to find you any longer. These are all good ways to advertise and market under certain circumstances; however, are extremely inefficient compared to online marketing. Targeting your ideal audience is hard if not impossible for these legacy ways of marketing. On the other hand, it is easier to do so for online mediums.

You can either (a) put what you want to show the world in front of them as ads or (b) put them high on the search engine ranks when people search related terms and keywords. (A) is called paid search and involves Pay per Click campaigns and (B) is done through search engine optimization and is referred to as organic search.

Why is internet marketing so powerful?

As we mentioned previously, internet marketing can target relevant audiences.

For example, if someone is looking for a charity to make contributions to (whether it be for the kindness of the person’s heart or for tax purposes) that individual may search for “charities in ___” online. If you can get your charity right on the results for this term, you have a high chance of being able to attract that person for a donation.

Many people shy away from internet marketing as their is a misconception that it is hard to track results and it’s effectiveness. Internet marketing is often easier to track effectiveness compared to legacy methods, thanks to Google’s well thought out Analytics.

The main types of internet marketing:

Website or Blog:

This is one of the first things most businesses will get on. Owning a website. Once a website or blog is set up, it is now ready for viewers.

Email Marketing:

This can be under its own sub-category but lets put this here. It is often said that the money is in the list and its for good reason. It is a way of getting your word directly to your audience. The audience doesn’t have to be looking for you. Every website should try to gain email subscribers so you can start communicating with them directly.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

This is the best way to attract people that are interested and searching for things related to your cause. This can be the best type of audiences. You can either go with ads on search engines or search engine optimization. One is paid traffic and the other is free.

Social Media:

Facebook has almost 2 billion active users each month. Facebook has a lot of users and a lot of personal information. Its easy for Facebook to find users’ location, age, gender, interests, etc. This makes is a wonderful platform to advertise and market your cause.

Again, all the above can be tracked in detail if done properly.

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